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Online love scam—Anxious

Department of Applied Arts, Fu Jen Catholic University


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Nowadays, internet has infinitely expanded our circle of friends., but it has also become a place full of scammers with fraudulent schemes, such as online romance scams which steal victim’s affection, sex, money and time. Behind its seemingly innocent appearance, the hidden fragility and danger of the internet should be make better aware to everyone.

Smart Phone Away Us In Meeting

Department of Product Design, Shu-Te University

In order to stop phubbing in meetings, this innovation combines a wireless charger with a conference microphone. There is a sensor to recognizes the presence or absence of a person in the seat. When the sensor detect a person is seated, the device activates flashing function and reminds the user to place the smartphone in a charging area. If the front seat person temporarily removes the phone, the flash appears and conducts peer pressure to stop using smartphone during meetings.

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