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Plant Cycle

Department of Industrial Design, Tunghai University


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Coconut silk is outstanding on its air permeability and water retention. As the Pros was discovered, Plant Cycle is a team that trying to develop coconut to the gardening industry. Silks will be pressing to be a firm plant implantaion, so that the roots can be grab steadily. Pots can be dispense naturally after it buried soil, and it wont bring any harm to environment.


Department of Industrial Design, Tunghai University

TO YOU is a smart sensing toy. The behavior of user will affect to change and get feedback from the toy. Good feedback allows the user to gain a sense of achievement to maintain. Poor feedback reminds the user to pay attention to his situation and improve himself. Goals and tasks make them motivated to engage in healthy activities and have fun, noticing that it's not just the screen that brings entertainment, and even get away from screen addiction.

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